Saturday, August 14, 2004

As I was saying,

Michael Savage can suck my ass.

I've been thinking about this McGreevey thing. The gayness was not enough to incur resignation. Family strife, possible divorce, sure. But the $500,000 blackmail was cut off at the pass by the very announcement, and the "quid pro quo" sexual harassment would have been all but impossible to prove. Granted, it'd be hell to withstand all of the present & future personal troubles & inevitable media saturation whilst still trying to run the state of New Jersey, but it also could have been a marvelous stand for gay rights. Not that one man is obligated to do this, by any means, but he's going to be in for it anyway, in office or not.

My real point - hence the Savge ass-sucking - is that this is providing horrific grist for the conservative media mill.

I admit that I occassionally listen to Michael Savage. I'm usually chopping vegetables at 7:00 weeknights (when Dr. Savage commences his rants) and frankly, Terry Gross and her fresh air bore the shit out of me. I like to listen to Savage because he gets me all fired up, screaming at the radio. No one else has this power. And, though he's a horrible racist and homophobe (a good ol', home-grown Bronx white boy,) I'm startled to realize that I often agree with his non-racist and homophobic opinions. He's not particularly partisan, he has strength of conviction, and he & I meet on libertarian grounds more often than I'd like to admit.

But not today. Today, he (to paraphrase) said: "What about McGreevey's kids? The man said, in public, that he should never have married or had children. It was a big mistake. Can you tell me that those kids will hear this speech in twenty years and not be crushed?"

Well, Mike, yes I can. It's not a mistake. He loves his kids as much as anybody does. He's a product of a society that doesn't accept difference, that says a homosexual can't do much better than host Queer Eye. They're certainly not serious enough to be Governer. (maybe a Congressional Rep. -- Barney Frank is from a radical liberal state, after all.) I'm a child of a gay man. I don't think I was a mistake. A happy accident, maybe. And when my dad got in front of a church congregation (that's right, church. I'm an atheist, but he's not.) and told evrybody what he was, with honesty, for the first time, his kids weren't anything but proud (and far from crushed, I assure you). Even when others told them they were wrong for that. So, fuck you, Michael Savage. You're wrong on this one. Gay parents probably value their kids more than straight ones do, simply in virtue of those children being such a kink in the regular scheme of things. And we kids value them just as much, for their bravery and fine example. PPPhhhhbbbbttttt.


New Jersey, I'm sorry. You are a beautiful state. "The Garden State". Yet, the world sees you as a shitty industrial setting for the Sopranos. A working class backdrop for Springsteen songs. A cheap place for New York actors to rent apartments. The state whose child welfare system allowed a 19 year old man to maintain the proportions of a five year old boy, and now the home of the big gay Governor. I see you for what you are, New Jersey. A lovely little spot of country, but a few miles away from the city. *sniff*


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