Saturday, August 14, 2004

Da Man

Oh, man. I feel bad. I'd call it the Catholic guilt, but I was never Catholic. Atheist guilt? Childhood Mormon guilt?

My man, Tim, just had to wake up and go to work for The Man. For him, it's tomorrow. I've been up since he went to bed (granted, far too late). For me, it's today. When one has to wake at 3:50 am, one's todays are a little skewed. Though I still feel bad (through no fault of Tim's. He brought me a cup of water and told me to get some sleep. He's the best! That's why I keep him. That, and the oral sex). Ahhh! Again, Dad, avert your eyes! (Never let your parents know you have a blog. It does certain things to the psyche.)


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Robert said...

What's your man's take on the militant boob controversy?

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Katie said...

He thinks, as I do, that the manager was kind of stupid for making it an issue in the first place. But you must understand that this is from a New York retail professional's perspective. He's seen somebody change a diaper on a table in one of his stores (eeew.) That drew comments, of course, but the only thing to do at that point was to disinfect the table and move on. Boobage? Nobody would ever bat an eye.

It's a non-issue here, but be sure that if a manager here did request such a thing, the militant booby brigade would be out in force in the blink of a nipple!


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