Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Duh Fuck?

So, like I was saying, Rudy was full of shit. Like this:

"They heard from us in Afghanistan..."

Uh, yeah, the Taliban left. But where's that old codger Osama? Hmmm. Like Waldo, that one.

And does anyone remember the years when the left (rabid bad killing baby feminists, mostly) called for taking out the Taliban? Hmmm. Women's rights and cultural preservation aren't nearly as compelling as an attack on the homeland - with good reason, sure - but was GW the first one to pick up on that tip? I think not.

"They heard us in Iraq..."

Yeah, but Iraq wasn't the guy we were talkin' to. Sorry bout the miscommunication. Oh, and we're safer now? Sure, they are, and that's a mighty aim. But we're sure as hell not. Bigger target, anyone?

"And Libya heard us..."

Well, that was probably a long time a coming. Plus, he had nothing. Plus, his kid urged him to do it to "modernize". Whatever. There's not enough mean liberal pundits out there to take advantage of this shit. Oh wait, liberal pundits aren't mean. They're reasonable. New readers, republican readers, perhaps, this may be a new thing. Reasonable. Embrace the logic.

And howabout the old hypocrisy factor, eh? The family values, we-support-a-constitutional-amendment-on-gay-marriage Republican delegates were clapping their little asses off for a man who:

1) Spent the downtime between his wife & his girlfriend on a gay couple's couch

2) Let the city pay for his wife & child during said time on gay couple's couch (she lived in Gracie Mansion --- ooooh, state subsidized welfare mama!!!)

3) While on said gay couple's couch, his girlfriend (Donna Hanover - current wife - who Republican poster child darling dated while still married to former wife -) was appearing in the Vagina Monologues.

Let's get this straight. I got no problem with gay couches, dating while separated, welfare (or TANF, the artist formerly known as welfare), or the Vagina Monologues.

(hell, I took me some women's studies classes, yo!)

Nor do I have huge, 'can't get past that' issues with Giuliani. But hell, don't shit where you eat. You made your bed, you lie in it. And other anti-Republican-hypocrisy cliches.


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