Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Go, Mikey

So, McCain's speech. It was ( for a convention speech) pretty even handed. He at least referred to us all as Americans, not enemies, and yaddahah yaddah yaddah. Too bad Bush smoked him in 2000; he would've made a nice President, no? The serial blogonomist doesn't mind a moderate, so much. Social liberal, fiscal conservative. That's all good.

But the Michael Moore jab?

(or, talk about making a martyr for the left...)

I've never seen so many fired up white people freaking the fuck out.

I've also never seen a controversial documentary guy so happy to fill the role of


Damn, if all of the vitriolic conservative's fat jokes didn't prove themselves in that one, ten second shot (and, really, if all they have to say is "He's fat. And disingenuous." then what have they really got?) AND, damn if he didn't vindicate the entire left by laughing in the face of a blatant attack on enemy grounds.

"Four more years! Four more years!"

"Two more months! Two more months!"

Yeah, Mike. Go, dog, go. I can't wait to see his newsletter later on.


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