Friday, August 13, 2004

Katie: Queen of the Lazy Slugs

I was going to be so GOOD today. Run a few miles. Do some yoga to cool down. Eat yogurt and other assorted hippie granola wellness foods.

So far today, I've had a lot of coffee (Starbucks - hold the breast milk, thank you very much,) played with the computer a lot, admired Kiernan's lego creation, threw a tennis ball around with Max. Oh yeah, and ate a leftover hot dog. (Nathan's... mustard... sauerkraut... ahhhhrrrgghh...) No running. No yoga. No yogurt. Bad, bad Katie.

Little devil over right shoulder: Hey, it's overcast. It could rain any minute. Your shoes are expensive, baby! Besides,you can't be good all the time. What's one hot dog? You're an American!

Little angel, left shoulder: You are a huge fatass. Leave the house RIGHT NOW.


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