Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kitty Power

Yay for Kitty!

Yup, he's a grown up now, like so many of us... oh my...

(And, Ursus, I didn't hear the songs. But I did get confirmation that he'll let me know WELL IN ADVANCE if he has a gig. You're going with me.)

So, we went to this little bar, Grass Roots, on St. Mark's Pl., and drank delicious black & tans (Brown & tans?) made of Brooklyn Weisse and Guiness. Laughed a lot. Met one of the owners, Rita, who admonished us to be as middle class as possible should we choose to attend the RNC protests. (I did mention my plans to bring the wonder Kiernan - 8 year olds are pretty middle america, right?) Explored the possibility of finding me a job with the Kitty's employer, which would FUCKING ROCK! Bummed cigarettes from total strangers on the street, 'cause you know, drinking beer would imply that one SMOKES CIGARETTES... Did not fall off the nicotine wagon completely, but did decide to forgoe the jog yesterday. Since, if I did run, my lungs would crawl out of my mouth like so many little bits of hamburger, fall on the floor, and Max would eat them. And I don't want that, because lord knows, I need my lungs. That, and they'd probably mess with Max's delicate digestion.


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww, I love Grassroots. When I ran in the Public Theatre crowd we would drink there every payday.


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