Sunday, August 22, 2004

Mmmm mmmm good

Tim cooked seasoned steamed hake (fish; like cod, but firmer & less expensive. You can get some at Citarella) sugar snap peas, and roasted baby red potatoes. Gooood. There are many reasons why I keep him around.

Oddly (given our personality differences)Tim is a by-the-book, cookbook / recipe chef. He's done it professionally, if you consider the boondock's answer to fine dining professional ;) (to be fair, he's had a couple of New York gigs as well) but he's devoted to the "rules". He knows how to do all of the classic French technique stuff, which is delicious if not so healthy, but I humbly declare that MY stuff is much more free form, exciting, delectable, and good for you.

Okay, enough foodie geek stuff. On to dog geek stuff!

I met two adorable (client based) puppies today, who I'll be pimpin' out fo' cash soon. (Wait - I'm not the pimp in this equation... am I the JOHN? They're paying me, so who knows...) I'll figure out how to download pictures soon, so's I can share the love.


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