Saturday, August 21, 2004

Party On, Bill! Party On, Ted!

Ooooooh baby... the beer is a flowin, the Dead is crankin (note to self: do not date self with Dead references. The cool kids don't like that these days. At least try to say Phish or something.)We even bought a pack of cigarettes! Whoooo! No, no, cigarettes are bad. But, on those few, bi-weekly occasions when Daddy brings home a six pack, we indulge despite our better-quitting-selves. And throw away the leftovers in the morning.

Have I mentioned my all consuming lust for smoking? It's disgusting. I'm a junky. When my good friend Ursus asked me what I'd like when he comes home from Vegas with new found winnings, I actually told him I want him to buy me a wonderful, tasty microbrew and roll me a cigarette. I'm a shameless junky. Luckily, my readership is small enough (single digits, anyone?) that the anti-smoking militants won't be all over my ass about that one.

Change of topic!

Speaking of Ursus, he's started a Sagittarius web ring (see the new button? He even coded it to my color scheme - that's what a stand up guy he is.) I'm not a Sag, but I do have Sag tendencies:

That is to say smart, passionate, impulsive, creative, moody, sometimes flighty, and cool as hell...

If you are a Sagittarian, or often find yourselves in the company of one (or several), or are just awesome, then this webring is for you.

If you can sport these creds, join up! It's brand new. I think the current membership stands around two, but I'm sure it'll be up shortly. With a little help from our friends.


At 10:41 AM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

The Grateful Dead? Next you'll be talking about Mariette Hartley. :)

-Ontario Emperor, Capricorn


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