Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Week in Preview - A Handy Dandy Guide

This time I will carry no sign. My message is simple enough: Look out your window, George Bush. Look at us.

- From Linus over at Pepper of the Earth.

At Ze's Blog, I found an excellent overview of planned events via Alternet. It's a twelve page pdf and quite informative, whether or not you know anything about the groups involved, the issues at hand, or New York. Check it out. Kiernan, Tim & I will probably be coming out again for the vigil in Union Square, all day Thursday, sponsored by Veterans for Peace and Sept. 11 families.

Finally, if you're interested in rapid fire, first hand coverage of the protests (and perhaps not so concerned with journalistic objectivity) try Indymedia NYC.

I'm hot, sticky, beat and exhilerated. The actual, prescribed march route was a safe bet - there were no reported arrests on the march itself (some outside, however)despite the massive, highly visible police presence. The most intimidating aspect was the line of mounted & riot cops blocking the northern end of the route (there to prevent the march from veering off course to Central Park) but the prevailing sense was of creativity, empowerement, and festivity. Kiernan and I departed soon after arriving in Union Square - he was hot and tired and had been a trooper throughout - but there were flyers everywhere instructing protesters to meet in Central Park at three o'clock. I've been looking through the news feeds to get more current information, but I've also been distracted by trying to figure out how to post some pictures. I figured something out - I hope you like.


At 5:09 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Have you tried Flickr for your photos? You can store them free on their server and either link to them in Blogger or actually make your blog entry at Flickr and the picture gets included automatically. Just smack me if you already knew all that.

At 8:34 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

Be careful with the little one... all this political activism could scar him for life. ; )

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