Sunday, September 19, 2004


Have I mentioned that it's really fun to finally root for a winning team? Uh, Curtis Martin anyone? Yeee-ah. And little Mr. Pennington is shaping up nicely, as well. Jets over Chargers, 34-28 (though that last minute desperation Flutie doin' the touchdown by himself was pretty impressive. Make the most of your two minutes in the game, buddy.)

Oh, the non-winning team part... I haven't even paid my beloved Mets any mind since the All Star break (r.i.p, Art Howe) because they make me sad.

Sooo, GO SOX! (Love Mets = hate Yankees = love Red Sox. New England roots don't hurt - it's fun to talk baseball with my 86 year old rabid Sox fan grandma, too.) Yeah, they got pounded (11-1 Yankees) today, but they're still only 4 1/2 games back. If I can't have a Mets series (and the way they're looking, that's gonna be a few years), as least I might get a Sox one if they pull a few tricks.

I can say a lot of things about Tim, but one of the most telling would be that he's made me a sports fan. I can't wait 'till hockey season. Rangers, baby, Rangers. Or Sabres. I can't totally reject my Buffalo upbringing.


At 12:45 AM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said...


Sports...I never knew this Katie...

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