Sunday, September 19, 2004

Tim is a radio star

Dear lord.

Tim is currently ranting live on WABC.

Somehow the guy started talking about Starbucks with him. He's advertising his actual store.

He does this - he'll call local talk radio, and they know him. It's bizarre. He's apparently been doing this since his teen years in Orange County, NY (at least he's not stoned on the air these days). He's smart enough to say something witty & interesting, and to give it right back to the hosts in a lucid enough manner that they don't just hang up on him. The last time was when Martha Stewart was sentenced - he called some radio guy to say just how happy he was, celebrating schadenfreude. He was a communications major in college; his big unrealized ambition was to be a sound guy for some front line war reporter for the BBC or NPR or Christian Science Monitor or whoever.

Back to Tim's current 15 minutes... Are we going to get to the political point? It apparently has something to do with McCain and Kerry - he burst into the room and turned the radio up really loud, without letting me know what the topic was --

Oh. It's this - Kerry is vague. We don't know what he stands for. These are Tim's thoughts for the New York metropolitan area (and Tim's no Bush fan.) He's going off so much that the host can't even cut him off.

The host just told him he's right to be cynical about both candidates. And imploring him to listen on Saturday nights (ha!)Oh, and told everyone to go to Tim's particular Starbucks. Which can only be good, I guess.

Oh, to be a psychotic news geek extrovert. At least I can be the mother of a psychotic news geek extrovert's child.


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