Friday, September 17, 2004


Last night, I had the rare pleasure of explaining something to my dear friend of many years, one Miss Jen.

It's a rare pleasure because, well, Jen knows a lot. She's got degrees up the wazoo and an unhealthy obsession with current events. But this, my friends? This bit of pop culture had eluded Jen. And if it eluded Jen, it may have eluded you too.

The question?

What is a WASP? (She thought it had something to do with Judaism. Ooooh, no.)

A WASP is a white anglo saxon protestant. You probably knew that part. A WASP is old money, connected to MA, NY or CT, north eastern liberal. A WASP may tend toward the uppity; certainly not toward the touchy-feely. Think George H.W. Bush (41). Does he look particularly hugable? No? That's what I mean.

I admit that I'm a bigot. A WASP bigot. I don't like those cold teutonic people (I know - I used to be employed by one). They freak me out, what with the flat-assed skinny women and the men in dress shirts even on the weekend. They're crawling all over Manhattan, and they disturb me in a deep down primal way. Worse than roaches. Oh, and did you ever read Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe? Don't get in a WASP's way. They sting. Ouch. Scary.


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

He he he. Katie. ALWAYS teaching little Jen the important things in life...

; )

Love you!
(Oh and go see the ad's on the side! All about BEES!)

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a DC WASP: Where did we get the rep of being so unfeeling? I mean, George HW Bush felt your pain, didn't he? Besides, we had a lot of touchy-feely WASP presidents, from John Quincy Adams to James Buchanan. And where do you get the liberal part? We WASP's hate high marginal tax rates to our bloated bank accounts. --Signed, a cold teutonic roach.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Hey, DC Wasp, I didn't mean it personally. I found it amusing, for one, that my friend had never heard the reference before. Like I said, I'm a bigot about these things, and bigotry is bad. It puts an unfair blanket on an entire group, when individual members of said group could easily be the most lovely people in the world. That said, many stereotypes start for a reason, and in my limited experience, lots of so-called WASPs I've known have lived up to the stereotype.

Moreover, I think a good portion of the WASP stereotype can be attributed to a more general New England stereotype. My family is pure New England and, though working class and thus not subjected to that WASP rubric, they surely display a lot of those negative qualities. Try to get anyone in my family to hug you, for example. They're not so down with that.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Katie said...

(cont'd - I exceded the comment length limit) Nor are the members of my family big fans of introspection or analysis or personal relations or displays of emotion. This doesn't make them bad or unloving people; it does, in my estimation, make them kind of cold (my family, that is; read what you will into the New England / WASP connection.)

So, I repeat, no offense to any particular WASP person was intended by my post. But there's lots of ways ya'll got the reputation. Hey, I'm part Irish. We earned that "Irish drunk" reputation for a reason, too, but you're not going to hear me set anybody straight about it. :)

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

Oh Katie. : ) John was laughing hysterically while he was reading this post of yours. He only knows of WASP circles because that is all he travels in. Oh boy. The talk started when in his interview today they told him that they also liked him because, no joke...he was of the right *PEDIGREE* : ) WHICH is why I led him to your blog : ) But he took no offense, he embraces his WASPness and might even be willing to take a 12 step program in order to cure it...I mean, help US better *complement* each other in the future... ; )

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