Saturday, September 18, 2004

Yeah, they said "Firebrand". That's right.

I've been thinking lately that I rely a little too heavily on quizzes when I'm too lazy or disheartened to post anything else. You'll note that the last several I've used have been incorporated into something more substantial.

However, this one was really fascinating. It's me - to a motherfucking tee (well, I see the unflattering parts more clearly than the flattering ones). Oh, and I emphasized the nice bits. So you'll rilly rilly want to read the words of such a fascinating creature (snort).

But seriously - take it if you like that sort of thing - it's pretty cool. I found it at Seriously Random.

You are a XSYT--Expressive Sentimental Physical Taker. This makes you a Firebrand.

You are volatile, sexy and sexually driven. You're magnetic and fascinating, but you don't really enjoy playing the field -- it makes you nervous and preys on your insecurities. But when you fall for someone you fall hard.

You tend to over-analyze things, so the slightest comment or action from your significant other can send you into a tailspin. You crave attention and validation from your loved ones, so if your friends don't like your partner or your partner doesn't like your friends it makes you suffer. Unfortunately the two are often in conflict -- you have excellent insight with your friends, but in a relationship you are blind. Trust your friends!

You blow hot and cold, with big highs and big lows. This makes the bad times very bad but the good times very good, so you tend to stay in a problem relationship much longer than you should. But when a relationship fails, you hold a grudge. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but make sure your grudge doesn't cloud your vision the other way.

What would help you most in your relationships is confidence. You need someone who can help you feel good about yourself and not worse.

You can be needy and jealous. Fortunately you are cute as hell.

Of the 86046 people who have taken this quiz, 5.8 % are this type.

I'm one out of eighty-six thousand, baby. You heard me right.


At 6:11 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

So why am I a SEX BOMB?????????????????????????

Huh? I need to try again.

At 1:36 PM, Blogger The Ursine Calamity said...

You are a RPYG--Reserved Practical Physical Giver. This makes you a 1950s Parent.

You are relentlessly patient, loving, generous and devoted. You are unflappable. If on some rare occasion you do raise your voice or say a swear word in anger, anyone around to hear it will remember it (and think it was funny). At the same time, you're very cute and charming, and even if you don't catch someone's eye at the beginning of the night you'll surely have their attention by the end.

Your calm, conservative nature conceals a passionate (and sexy!) heart.

You can have trouble bringing up problems, but your approach to conflict is calm and even-handed. The problem can be is that you are so busy worrying about your partner's satisfaction that you don't ensure your own. This can build up over time and make you restless. Despite your sexual nature, you are more likely to cheat emotionally than physically.

You tend to work out your frustrations in the bedroom. Depending on your partner, this can be an excellent strategy. You would be a great candidate to balance out an XSYT, but not a good match for an unappreciative RPYT.

You have an odd, ritualized vice that doesn't suit the rest of your persona -- like smoking a certain brand of cigarettes or drinking a certain kind of wine.

Of the 90535 people who have taken this quiz, 5 % are this type.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Hmmmm, Ursus. Odd & ritualized? Roll a cigarette lately?


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