Friday, October 08, 2004

Long Awaited Update Post (I just knew you were glued to your monitors!)

Phew! Loong week. I still be alive, just busy busy busy. Which is good. That means money money money.

(One of my clients is a doctoral candidate in psychology. She wrote me a very nice email expressing concern over my stress level. It was so kind - yet, disturbing).

So, I haven't had so much time to post. Also, I was sick earlier in the week (did you note the "stuffed up" mood? That unkymood ain't kidding, sister) so every spare moment was spent lying prone on the couch feeling sorry for myself and cajoling the men in my household (Max included) to rub my poor tired feet and cuddle.

Now, though, I'm BETTER! I'm BACK! And I've GOT back! Whooo!

So, uh, so many things... whaddya want to hear?

1. More celebrity sitings - though, be forewarned, these mostly involve the fact that Mary-Kate Olsen is the same size and build as Kiernan -

2. Dog stories (mostly the status of gay Thurston Howell's refrigerator. And it's booze and tobacco content. And his general weirdness. Oh, and how his dog gives me occasion to explore Central Park, which is kind of cool...)

3. More dog stories, or "The freaks I meet in Pelham Bay Park" and how there was just a murder there, and then they found out there were teenage white supremacist cross burnings in the SAME GROVE WHERE I WALK ONE OF THE CLIENT DOGS, NOT TO MENTION MY OWN!

Oh, oh, and how I have a sex life again? That's a great story, but I'm not telling you that. You need to go to one of those titillating blogs for that.

And the debate - yeah, I watched it, but no comment. It's a VP debate. Soooo irrelevant. As John Stewart put it, kind of Death Star General vs. Student Council President (though, honestly, I thought it was a draw, but more because of the "expectations game" than anything else - don't you love politico-journo jargon?)

And how I'm watching the other debate tonight, which promises to be much more fun... and mama's buyin' some booze for that one, let me tell ya! (Which may or may not result in a second informal Pelham Bay Bronx poll. Call it "Pulse of the Borough").

Oh, and how I need to get up and shower RIGHT NOW and go to work, but I'm procrastinating. And how I'm pretty sure I walk about 15 miles a day (I could have finished the Appalachian Trail by now! Christ!) but I need to make sure with a pedometer, and how I have a blood blister on my heel (not pretty) but I start new health insurance Monday (yay, Tim!) and also how my day ends early today and I get to have actual LUNCH! In a RESTAURANT, not a subway car! With another adult, not an eight year old! Dear Lord! There might even be pints of beer involved! (That's why male friends are just cooler than female friends. They like pints of beer, not cosmopolitans. More cost-effective and less sugar-hangover inducing.)


At 5:45 AM, Blogger christina said...

Hey, you should tell us about the Mary-Kate sightings. I'm a sucker for mary-kate sightings, which is why I love Gawker. ;-)


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