Thursday, October 14, 2004

Three Things

Yeah, three. Politics, Yankees, and the personal.


Is there anything new to say? No, really? Except that Bush is now stealing Kerry's "More of the same" line. So original, G.W. Clever, even. Not. No, seriously, having actually read the New York Times Magazine article that every left & right pundit is currently creaming over (at least until the newest bouncey debate polls come out) I can only conclude that I picked the right guy. Imagine, he was thinking seriously about terrorism strategy a decade before Bush was (not) elected! Fascinating! Perhaps he'll have a plan that actually works? Even MORE fascinating! Hell, I was voting for him anyway. This is just a better reason.

OH! I'm watching John Edwards on Nightline right now, and this leads me to wonder: Does EVERY STINKING STATE have a ruffley blue curtain for every candidate to talk in front of? I'm just sayin'.

Damn Yankees

Okay, Joe Torre. Now it's personal. You'd better let my 86 year old Grandma see a Red Sox series before she dies,because I'll be REALLY MAD if you don't. Oh, and my brother in law (well, not so much in law... Brother in Lawless?) will also be in a funk for weeks if the Sox can't do this thing. So, uh, let's get the bad pitchers out there, eh?

Aside: Today, bringing groceries home from the Key Food (red meat, if you must know...) Kiernan was joking around with me about tonight's playoff game. The joking turned into nasty-talking when he merrily chirped, "Derek Jeter sucks."

"No, honey. That's a very bad thing to say. Never say 'sucks.'

"Aside from the whole suck thing, Derek Jeter is awesome. Wouldn't you be psyched if he joined the Mets?"


"So he doesn't suck, right? He's an amazing athlete."


"Hate the team, not the player. HATE THE TEAM, buddy."

"Yeeesssss. Hate the Yankees. Haaaaatttteee."


Have I ever mentioned how truly excellent my man is? I came home tonight to Mr. Tim warming water on the stove, the better to soak my tired feet in. What a nice boy. Enough to forget that his mom (my "mother in lawless") laughed out loud and said "you're kidding?" when he finally, shamefully told her what I do for a living. Beeeatch. What, you thought I was a Wall Street trader by now? State College educations can only get ya so far, honey.


At 12:53 AM, Blogger The Ursine Calamity said...

Katie, as one who works in show business I can vouch for the fact that every political and corporate event madates the presence of the blue curtain. I don't know why, I just know that it is...

At 10:42 AM, Blogger G. said...

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At 7:21 AM, Blogger G. said...

YOUR blog ... sorry not you're.
Ha my english sucks !
Anyway, you still are a good blogger.

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At 11:43 PM, Blogger Me said...

Actually, I hate the Yankees team, I hate the Yankees players, I hate the Yankees uniforms, I hate the Yankees players, I hate the Yankees fans.

Right now, I am dangerously close to hating the Red Sox. You got what you've been asking for since LAST October and you go out in 4? Without a single win? Hell, even the TWINS did better than you managed to do.

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Adam said...

You're turning Kiernan into a Yankee-hating madman, you goddamn Red-Sox pinko! Although whenever baseball interrupts my Simpsons viewing every weeknight and it's the Sox vs the Yanks for some reason I find myself rooting for the Reds... even though I don't really care about baseball. Must be the New England thing.

At 12:27 AM, Blogger Katie said...

Bro, it's in the blood. Don't fight. The sports thing comes around age 30 - prepare yourself.

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