Thursday, December 16, 2004

Apprentice This

Tonight: The most important episode of the Apprentice...


That blonde bitch needs to get smacked down.

Go Kelly! Go Kelly! Go, go, go Kelly!

I've considered the demographics, however, and feel that since Kwame succumbed to Bill last year, the Trump organization may be looking for something a bit more diverse. That is, white males should probably not win two years in a row, and thus that evil Harvard Jen bitch might win for the sake of political correctitude (Yes, it's a word, dammit - my word). Which would suck. Because, well... did I mention she's a bitch? And dumb, too? 'Sides, I just like that Kelly boy's style.

For the record, I was also digging Kevin. But how the hell did Sandie get into the final four? Anyone?


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