Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'll Have a Blue Christmas

Due to a flaky dog sitter and our collective realization that if I stayed home with Super Max, we would save almost three hundred fucking dollars, I will not be attending the annual sort-of-inlaws Christmas soiree in Cape Cod.

I.E., I'll be home. Alone. On Christmas.


It's kind of good. I can go into the city, and have it all to myself, as New York will most assuredly be a ghost town over the weekend. I'll buy myself assorted superfabulous appetizers to make a little one woman Christmas dinner. I'll buy a bottle of champagne. Hell, I've even got Netflix all lined up with girly movies that Tim doesn't want to see. Huzzah!

But, um... waaaahhhhhhh. Lonely. Three days. Then, new job.

In lieu of Christmas (and honestly, who needs relatives and stress and travel the day before starting a new job? Not this sister) we'll be celebrating a new tradition:


Yes, my 30th birthday will be this New Year's Eve, at which point we will dine in a luminous and normally not-in-our-price-range-bucko house o' grub, exchange gifts, and do all that X-mas hoo-ha. Who cares about the day, right?

Shit. I don't even believe in God, anyway - it's just a nice tradition. Jeez.


(The kicker, though, is that I've had "Do They Know It's Christmas" in my head for two days. Damned Live Aid. My life blows)**

* Yes, I am aware that those of us with birthdays this close to the dreaded holiday season greatly resent any combination of "birthday" and "Chrismukwanzachanukafestivus". In this case, however, I am willing to make an exception. Just this once.

** Not really. I mean, my life is pretty great, overall. But the song part? Yeah, that's really, really irritating. Damned British pop stars.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said...

Well, at least it's not, um, CARELESS WHISPER. That song would be worse.

I love you Merry Christmas to you city girl! I will be cozing up with the movies and the cats myself : )
$300, eh? Damn!

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