Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Sorry, James Urbaniak.

Okay. I'm either a huge sucker, or I hurt James Urbaniak's feelings.

"Urbaniak" left the following comment on this post.

Thanks for acknowledging that I'm not actually creepy or weird-looking in real life. And "little?" I'm 5'10"!

-Urbaniak, ego-surfing

But, James... I googled your name just now, and 50 - even 100 - pages into it, I was still getting respectable reviews for your large body of film, stage, and television work. I certainly couldn't find my humble little blog in that pile of accolade. You kept reading for 100 pages? That's a lot o' ego, if you ask me.

Anyway, James, if I hurt your feelings, just know that I like you. That's why I noticed you on the street, you silly boy! Listen, though - you've gotta admit that you're working the creepy angle like De Niro worked the gangster roles.

A guy who gives away shoes to sate a foot fetish? A garbageman in a dark comedy about a freakishly dysfunctional family which includes a scene whereof your best friend beds your catatonic mother? Robert Crumb? Dude, that's creepy. Sorry. Oh, and little? Yeah, in a thin tall gangly guy kind of way.

I admit, I didn't see Legally Blonde 2, so you may have been very pleasant. Nor did I see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, though I do have it qued up on Netflix. But with a name like that - you MUST be playing a creepy guy. Sorry. Oh, and the freaky threesome loving doctor who infects his his ex-girlfriends with Ebola on Law & Order? Sorry, man. I call it like I see it.

I'll give you this, though - you're a lot better (not to mention more normal) looking in real life. Next time you're hanging out around 77th and Lex, I'll say hi, and you can let me know your thoughts on the matter in a non-anonymous manner.

Your Friend,



At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a skeptical person, and even more so when it comes to anonymous posts on the "Internets." But I still think it's pretty damn cool that James Urbaniak (or someone impersonating James Urbaniak) posted a comment on your site. =)

At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linus here, posting without a Blogger account ID. Just wanted to confirm that James U. is not creepy or little. At 5'2" I am little, so take my word for it. I was in a couple of shows with James 15 years or so ago, and in the context I can honestly say that I looked up to him, and I also looked up at him.

He's good good people.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Coffeegirl: Yeah, isn't it? I'm pretty psyched myself.

Linua: Really?! That's pretty cool too. On second reading, I realized that the first post DID come off a bit harsh. But I LIKE Urbaniak! I was excited to have seen him on the street! Nonetheless, he's been burdened with a "weirdo" typecasting thing that helps to function as a description when lazy lazy bloggers (er, I mean, I) am too lazy to look up the guys name for a post. Again: JAMES URBANIAK, I'M SORRY! YOU ROCK AND ARE NOT CREEPY!

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hi, I'm James Urbaniak's wife. James just told me the story of coming across your blog. (FYI he came to your site while searching for reviews of the play he's in at Lincoln Center: turns out his name and the word "rivals" appeared on the same page of your blog.) He was amused by your post and in no way took offense, but for the life of him can't recall why he would have been near 77th and Lexington that day in October. He laughed out loud as I read your apology. None needed, he says, and hello to Linus. James will be appearing in a one-man play, "Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) starting the end of January 2005 and running through April. Okay, I'm not promising the character is entirely non-creepy, but he's not without charm.


P.S. I guess you missed his turn on L&O as the perv who set up hidden toilet cameras. My parents were proud...

At 5:34 PM, Blogger sotisse said...

Since American Splendor's release, I have been a fan of James Urbaniak's work, which can be frustrating when I have little access to indie or short films. Personally, I'd love to see him in larger roles in more mainstream films or TV shows. If you want to see him in a non-creepy role, check out Passengers, a delightful short film.

As for his looks, well, I seriously doubt that his wife will kick him out for eating crackers in bed. Based on his picture from the American Splendor premiere, I'd say he's got beautiful eyes and a nice smile.

My friends, who have been twisting my arm to go to NYC in Feb., will be happy to hear about Thom Pain. If they agree to see the show, maybe I'll let them convince me to go to NYC instead of doing the sensible thing and head to a Florida beach in Feb.


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