Saturday, January 08, 2005

Saturdays = Good

Before I begin, I just want to let Eden know that everyone is special.

Jets madness! Or not so much. I'm looking forward to seeing my team disappointingly lose their away playoff game this evening at 8:00. They were so good when they started... damn you, Chad Pennington's rotater cuff. Expect drunken disillusioned sports posts later this evening. They're saying 26-14 Chargers right now. Bleh.

Oh - but it's the weekend! And I was able to sleep past 6:30 am, which is always, ALWAYS a good thing. And I love my job. Nothing is better than having days off and actually looking forward to going back to work. And being 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon. Oh, and helping your kid set up his new Hot Wheels loop-deloop set, and playing cars all day (yes, I was THAT little girl, the one who had Hot Wheels and Star Wars toys and horribly mutilated her Barbies.) Being a parent is a great excuse to play with toys and not be accused of regressing.


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Eden said...

Everyone *is* special. Some people are more special than others. Go Stillers! Woo! ;)

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